Executive Coach

Jill Chernekoff
Chernekoff Communications, LLC

How We Work

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela

Coaching is the core methodology that we use.

We know that having regular, confidential one-on-one coaching conversations spaced over time is the most effective way for concepts to be tried on and integrated as new habits.

We know that sometimes sharing knowledge and imparting new skills is helpful to meeting your development goals.
So depending on what you need to accomplish, and the results you expect, we apply an integrated approach to coaching. We bring together a range of perspectives combined with the insights gained from personal experience and coaching across diverse organizations with a broad spectrum of clients.

All leadership coaching programs last a minimum of six months, and often continue for more than a year. Sessions are generally 60-90 minutes and occur consistently every two weeks.

You lead an active life, so we will work to accommodate your schedule. Executive and leadership coaching sessions can be held on your site, via videoconference, or by phone.

We believe continuity and engagement are critical to coaching success. In addition to our scheduled executive coaching program, we are available ad hoc by phone or email, and return all communication within 24 hours when possible.