Jill Chernekoff

Jill Chernekoff

Inspiring Dynamic Leaders

My mission is to inspire you to reach your potential, live and lead wholeheartedly, and positively impact your world.

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Jill Chernekoff

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As your coach, I guide you through a proven method of self-discovery.

With greater self-awareness, new ways of thinking and acting will emerge, creating possibilities once unimag­ined. You will learn to leverage your strengths, embrace uncertainty, take risks, elevate relationships, and build self-confidence. Clarity. Focus. Flourish.

My Approach

Transformative, both professionally and personally, is the best way I can describe my journey with Jill. She helped me uncover what was really “underneath” my motivations and drive, which in turn gave me the power to see what was getting in the way of being the most authentic leader I could be. My mantra with Jill is to constantly create “ease and velocity” in my life, and I can see that result at work and with my family.

K. LaurExecutive, ASTRAZENECA

I help leaders who have esteemed positions and are poised for deeper personal and professional growth.

Through my coaching programs, I provide tools and skills that strengthen leaders at all levels. You will overcome recurring struggles and limiting patterns. You will learn to communicate effectively and lead with greater impact. If you’re ready to embark on a process of self-discovery, and unleash the talent and potential within, contact me today.


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